Governance Support Facility Initiatives for the 21st

Governance Support Facility Initiatives for the 21st Century

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About Us

What We Do

Governance Support Facility Initiatives (GoSFI) offers medium- and long-term research, capacity development, and facilitation services in support of governance reform.  GoSFI sees governance as institutionalized interaction among stakeholders across multiple levels and sectors of a society.  Our research, capacity-development and facilitation activities aim to identify and address development problems arising from diverse and sometimes conflicting interests and objectives.  GoSFI considers research, capacity development and facilitation to be inter-related, mutually-reinforcing inputs to the process of institutionalizing sustainable governance.

Why GoSFI?

The starting point for Governance Support Facility Initiatives is the process of reforming governance, along with the perceived or real challenges to that process.  Some key challenges to implementing and reviewing reform processes are as follows:  inadequate investment in baseline analysis; limited governance alternatives; lack of criteria for final selection among alternatives; various reform measures’ interoperating impacts upon each other; and uneven identification and monitoring of sustainable practices.  GoSFI responds to these challenges by filling gaps in baseline research, supporting competency-building, and fostering reform policy dialogue.  The ultimate objective is to help institutionalize participatory processes that contribute to effective, sustainable development.