Governance Support Facility Initiatives for the 21st

Governance Support Facility Initiatives for the 21st Century

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Capacity Development

GoSFI supports capacity strengthening for governance reform, working with relevant stakeholders through multiple channels of support—organizing knowledge forums; cultivating networks of practice; supporting program and project management; and providing training.

Knowledge Forums support exchanges on specific governance themes and issues among relevant stakeholders.

Practice Networks draw lessons learned, identify sustainable practices to institutionalize, and develop approaches to monitoring and evaluating performance.

Program/Project Management Support offers a full cycle of support for reform-oriented programs and projects.  Adhering to a participatory approach, GoSFI works with stakeholders to identify entry points, conduct stakeholder analysis, design program/project framework documents, and support implementation planning and monitoring.  GoSFI applies a results-based approach to evaluation.  Upon request, GoSFI conducts results-based evaluation of programs and projects within their given assumptions and risk frameworks, with emphasis on the linkages among inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes on the one hand, and ultimate impact on the other.

Performance Measurement Programis designed to support government and non-profit organizations to develop and strengthen performance measurement systems in key management functions. Democratic governance and anti-corruption measures may also be integrated into the measurement framework. Learn More…