Governance Support Facility Initiatives for the 21st

Governance Support Facility Initiatives for the 21st Century

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Governance Support Facility Initiatives (GoSFI) offers medium- and long-term research, capacity development, and facilitation services in support of governance reform.  Learn More…

GoSFI forms work teams that consist of international and local subject matter experts and practitioners working virtually and on-site. GoSFI advocates a participatory working method and thus involves both relevant stakeholders and direct project beneficiaries. Learn More…

The ultimate objective is to help institutionalize participatory processes that contribute to effective, sustainable development... Learn More…

Governance Support Facility Initiatives – Vietnam


Working in Vietnam

GoSFI-VN acknowledges the international experience in governance reform but also contends that lessons learned from Vietnam are relevant to other developing countries with similar challenges.
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Vietnam Governance Research Projects

  • Public administration reform
  • Restructuring of public service delivery
  • Local governance and accountability
  • State-society partnership
  • Anti-corruption and integrity. Learn More...

Capacity Development

  • Capacity assessment
  • Result-oriented program/project management support
  • Short-term training courses. Learn More...


  • Situational research
  • Organizational visioning and strategic planning
  • Results-oriented implementation
  • Competency-building
  • Policy dialogue. Learn More...
vietnam governance research projects, local governance and accountability
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